Short & Long Vowel Marks and Sounds

Here we look at the difference between the short and long vowel markings.

Short Vowel:

The diacritical mark ˘ above a short vowel is called a ‘breve’ (pronounced ‘breeve’). Breve means ‘short or brief’ in Latin, hence why it is used to indicate a short vowel!

Examples of short vowels are: (notice how the vowel says its SOUND)

/ă/ in apple

/ĕ/ in elf

/ĭ/ in ink

/ŏ/ in orange

/ŭ/ in umbrella

Long Vowel:

The macron  indicates a long vowel and the vowel says its NAME. Examples are:

/ā/ in ape

/ē/ in heel

/ī/ in ice-cream

/ō/ in mole

/ū/ in unicorn


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