If you thought seeing your little ones learn to walk was exciting…wait until you hear them sound out their first words!

This site seeks to take the mystery out of phonics presenting you with gorgeous phonics printables, resources & articles that will empower you to bring early reading success to all the little Mermaids and Pirates in your care!

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Phonics for Beginners

To kick start you into phonics here is a step by step guide to teaching reading…..find out:

  • What your child needs to know before the alphabet
  • Which alphabet letters to teach first
  • What to teach and when to teach it
  • The best teaching resource….and you already own it
  • Phonics Rules – including which ones you don’t need to teach
  • How teachers assess your child’s reading level and how you can too
  • phonics resource pack
  • go there now…learn to read with phonics!

Phonics Library – Free Printables

Help yourself to our free resources. The library is always open 24/7, no joining fee, no ‘late’ fees and you can make as much noise as you want! Yes Please! Take me there

A – Z Phonics Glossary with links!

Your online phonics dictionary – find what you need to know quickly

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